Cape Coral, Florida, Aug. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the everyday ruckus on the BSC network investors are beginning to grow weary of the incessant Honeypots and scam tokens that is plaguing the best decentralized network at the moment.

With the lack of Regulation which is a good and bad thing as well, the De-fi space has been somewhat of a Wild West scenario where some dodgy smart contract developers create contracts only to heist investor funds.$ZOOSHICASH cash is here to restore the hope of the BSC community.

The team behind $ZOOSHICASH know first hand what it feels like to be ripped off financially because they themselves have also been rugged of their assets and as a result, the team has made a commitment to make zooshicash
Unruggable and impenetrable like a rock. With the liquidity locked, your’re always rest assure that your funds are safe (SAFU).

Zooshicash is created by the community – for the community, on the BSC…

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