Wash wash underworld dealings have dominated discussions in Kenya this week after bloggers flung names of flamboyant individuals allegedly involved in the illegal undertaking all over the place.

Euro notes with different values hanging on a line for drying. Photo: SusanneB via Getty Images.
Source: Getty Images

While some of those implicated were busy denying their involvement in the illicit trade, some other Kenyans were struggling to define or describe the scam that remains a mystery to many.

Notably, though, few talked about the massively ruinous impact the dealings have on the country’s economy.

For starters, Wash Wash is a lucrative black money scam that involves piling and ‘cleaning’ fake and ill-gotten currencies with the sole purpose of creating instant wealth for a few.

However, it’s not limited to dealing in currency; it also involves dealing in fake arms and precious stones, conning people through real estate,…

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