JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — World leading construction machinery manufacturer, XCMG (SHE:000425), along with local dealers from Jakarta recently held a 3-hour virtual exhibition of XCMG excavators to demonstrate the complex maneuverability, excellent handling stability, flexibility, and grasping ability.

The virtual event not only significantly enhanced brand and product awareness but also succeeded in obtaining multiple orders and purchase intention from local customers.

XCMG invited customers to personally experience operating an excavator on site while showcasing the performance to audiences watching online. The XCMG excavator won plaudits for its high power, easy operation and comfortable experience.

Mr. Ali, a customer who completed a test ride of the XCMG excavator commented: “The flexibility and working efficiency of the XCMG excavator is outstanding and the cab is particularly comfortable. It was great to have the opportunity to try out the XCMG excavator for myself. I can safely say it’s really impressive.”

Indonesia is extremely rich in mineral resources and is the world’s largest producer of nickel ore. Sulawesi island, located along the equator, is the most important mining area in Indonesia but a hot and humid climate, long rainy season and harsh environment throughout the year, presents big challenges for construction.

Meeting the high demands of construction in this special environment, XCMG tailored its machinery products for the Indonesian market. The XE550DK large-tonnage excavator, for instance, adopted XCMG’s exclusive engine with customized torque curve, upgraded hydraulic system, and strengthened crawler moving mechanism, making it powerful, with higher operating efficiency, durability and mobility. The safe driving environment and user-friendly design has resonated with customers.

Additionally, XCMG made customized improvements and developed the high-temperature resistant excavator, XE370CA, in response to customer demand regarding iron smelting waste treatment. Special high-temperature resistant glass and paint with ultra-high-power air-conditioning system allow customers a comfortable, cool operating experience even in high-temperature construction environments.

To ensure the smooth development of local projects, XCMG’s service engineers provided professional repair, maintenance and excavator operating training to operators, aimed at maximizing performance of each type of machinery. Moreover, the rapid spare parts response and dedicated 24/7 standby service, provide an effective guarantee for


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