WrestleMania is making its way to AT&T Stadium on April 2 and 3 of 2022. But the excitement is already in the building.

People touring AT&T Stadium knew something was different when they saw a WWE wrestling ring on the Cowboys 50 yard line.

“I was on my kid’s field trip and I saw The Undertaker and I was like whoa,” WWE fan Yanette Gutierrez said.

Vince Sims

Yanette Gutierrez taking a picture of WWE superstar The Undertaker at AT&T Stadium

“I noticed there is a huge person being interviewed and I thought I know that guy wow it’s The Undertaker cool,” WWE fan Josh Sims said.

WWE superstar The Undertaker was a sight to behold for fans.

Vince Sims

Josh Sims posing for a picture with WWE superstar The Undertaker at AT&T Stadium

“No one like the undertaker,” Gutierrez said.

The Undertaker is a…

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