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Democracy activist Joshua Wong says world ‘must stand with Hong Kong’

Wong, one of the city’s most prominent young activists and a figure loathed by Beijing, was speaking outside a court where he and fellow activists are being prosecuted for involvement in last year’s democracy protests. China enacted a sweeping security law for the restless city last week, banning acts of subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces.

World News
Newspaper owner: Sorry for equating mask rule to Holocaust

A Kansas county Republican Party chairman who owns a weekly newspaper apologized Sunday for a cartoon posted on the paper’s Facebook page that equated the Democratic governor’s coronavirus-inspired order for people to wear masks in public with the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

World News
Rapper Kanye West declares late run for US Presidency

“In America, anybody can be president. That’s one of the risks you take,” Adlai Stevenson, a one-time Democratic candidate who has been described as the smartest man never to win the White House, said once in half-jest. Hewing to that possibility, Kanye West, the 43-year old African-American musician and entrepreneur, declared an unexpected run for the US Presidency on Saturday, setting political circles and social media alight about the seriousness or otherwise of his candidacy at this late stage.

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