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Real-life James Bond was ‘archivist’ in communist Poland

A British agent named James Bond was posted to the communist bloc two years after the first Bond film came out, according to newly published archives from Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance. Bond arrived in Warsaw on February 18, 1964 and his official position was archivist at the British embassy, according to documents from communist Poland’s counter-intelligence service.

World News
Trump infuses politics into his choice for the SC

Even before justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last week, the President had tried to use likelihood of more Supreme Court vacancies to his political advantage. Now, as he closes in on a decision on her likely replacement, Trump has used the vacancy to appeal to battleground-state voters and as a rallying cry for his conservative base.

World News
Rio postpones world-famous carnival over Covid-19

“We came to the conclusion that the event had to be postponed. We just can’t do it in February. The samba schools won’t have the time or financial and organizational resources to be ready for February,” Jorge Castanheira, the president of the group that organizes the event, the Independent League of Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools (LIESA), told journalists.

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