Given the amount of time we tend to spend scrolling through social media—though it varies from person to person—we’ve been exposed to a lot of advertisements.

Heck, we might be so desensitised to pop-up ads that our fingers move faster than the speed of light to tap away from the ad before our brain can fully process it the action, because we’ve done it so many times.

But there are some ads like “This Singaporean Made $1 Million In A Day!” or remote part-time jobs that offer a ridiculous amount of money for work that requires minimal efforts like these:

Image: (Janice Sia)

It’s almost like money is starting to grow from virtual trees….

In any case, one Singaporean lady by the name of Janice Sia became intrigued by the advertisement she was served on Tiktok

No, not because she fell for the scam and was enticed by the monetary incentive—

But because of simple curiosity: Just how do these…

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