The cafeteria manager said it was difficult to fill “unknown” vacancies. (Photo: hotlunchpam / Reddit)

A McDonald’s store in Oregon is inviting children aged 14 to 15 to apply for restaurant jobs amid a labor shortage in the United States.

The cafeteria in Medford put up a sign outside two weeks ago asking teens to register, which is in line with local labor law.

This happens at a time when networks Fast food Other institutions in the United States are struggling to fill vacancies.

Heather Kennedy, restaurant manager at Medford, told Business Insider that this staff shortage is “unprecedented” in her family’s 40-year history of McDonald’s franchises.

At first, she tried to attract more workers by raising the restaurant’s wages to $15 (R$77.50) an hour, but she said that didn’t generate enough interest.

However, Kennedy said he has received more than 25 new applications since opening its doors to those under…

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