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02, 2021 / 7:20 PM / Content/Image by Eagles Global Market


Meet Emeka, a 23-year old Mass Communications
student at the University of Lagos. During the day he attends to his studies
and once night falls, he reverts to trading currencies (Forex). Bimpe is a
52-year-old retired civil servant who now trades gold online in her spare time.
She spends the proceeds on her grandchildren whom she absolutely adores. Then
there’s Muhammed, an Architect from Abuja who has been trading stocks and Forex
for the better part of three years now and just recently quit his job to go
into full-time trading.


These people are all case studies pointing to the
writing on the wall – that more and more Nigerians are going into the financial
and for good reasons too.


 Nigeria is
home to the largest economy in Africa however, millions of its citizens remain
without jobs, with the unemployment rate in the…

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