As the pandemic shifted our work lives into working-from-home lives, it also accelerated trends among homebuyers toward more affordable locales. As a result, competition for houses in smaller cities, like Boise, Idaho, has reached never-before-seen heights. Correspondent David Pogue talks with realtors across the country about their unprecedented sales, and with new homeowners whose migrations from larger metropolitan areas helped fuel a residential bull market.

Video Transcript

JANE PAULEY: The dream of living and working from just about anywhere has become reality for many during the pandemic. David Pogue has been charting “the great reshuffle.”

DAVID POGUE: Boise, Idaho is a great place to live. It’s got natural beauty, great weather, and friendly people. But wow, is something going on with the real estate. Is this your house?

ALICIA FIGUEROA: It used to be my house.

JANE PAULEY: Alicia Figueroa recently sold her house here and the…

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