It’s a great time to sell a home in Alabama. Just make sure you have some place to move once you deposit the check.

The combination of an historically low number of homes on the market, coupled with pent up demand for housing has made for an especially interesting time in Alabama’s housing market.

Statistics from the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) at the University of Alabama show this.

The statewide median sales price in July was $218,374, a record high and an increase of 11% from one year ago. The median price jumped 0.8% in just one month’s time.

Homes sold in July averaged 43 days on the market, which is a record low and 38 days faster than one year ago.

Listings are down 29.3% from a year ago.

That tight market has been a fixture for a good while.

The last time Alabama saw a year-over-year gain in its available home inventory on the market was February 2015.

Right now, the available homes on the market represent about 1.5…

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