Kelvin Chen, Kent Ridge Health CEO (PHOTO: Kelvin Chen)

By Lyn Chan

SINGAPORE — Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are almost impossible to ignore now. Once, they were a curiosity, the talking point of many investment conversations. These days, they are a viable investment; at the very least, cryptocurrency seems to be a good place to park some cash.

Dr Kelvin Chen, Kent Ridge Health’s chief executive officer, is a believer in the digital asset. The 37-year-old started investing in cryptocurrencies five years ago. Here’s his story:

“My crypto investing started five years ago, initially in Bitcoin, then in Ethereum and some others, a year later. I bought S$10,000 each of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and I’ve bought more of Ethereum in small parcels since. I was not attracted to crypto per se. It just happened to be a time when early adopters were mostly people in the IT industry who didn’t mind getting freelance work done paid by…

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