My neighbor constantly reminds me my voice echoes with commercial real estate owners well above his pay grade.

It’s certainly not my intention, but I take any comments to my missives seriously and attempt to morph into a more meaningful messenger.

Regardless of the size of a commercial real estate portfolio — one multifamily property or global holdings of distribution boxes populated with Amazon-eque tenants — investments are simple! Why do we make them so hard?

You see, any investment of money seeks a return. Period. Sure. You’d like the return to be commensurate with the risk. But after all the fancy terms of capitalization rates, internal rates of return, replacement cost, source of capital, exit strategy, expense leakage, cash on cash, leverage, etc., it’s really about this. I shell out this much money and get this much back. Mic drop.

Commercial real estate brokerage is simple. Why do we make it so hard?

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