FRAMINGHAM — Good fortune often comes with good timing, and that was the case for Pat and Kym Parker.

The Framingham couple recently sold their split-level home on Randy Road for $655,000 — in less than two days — in a hot real estate market. They listed their home for $550,000 on a Thursday, and two days later they accepted a buyer’s offer, walking away with a tidy surplus of $105,000.

They lived in the home for just a little more than three years, paying $420,000 at the time of their purchase, according to city property records. Their sale price was 56% higher than their purchase price. 

Pat and Kym Parker outside their Framingham home on Tuesday, as moving trucks packed up their belongings in preparation for the ride to their new home in Shrewsbury. The Parkers' Framingham home sold for $655,000, $105,000 above the list price.

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“In May, we were hearing how crazy the market was,” said Pat Parker, 32, in explaining that he spoke with a few real estate agents about potentially putting his home on the market. “We liked the number we were getting.”


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