As the U.S. withdraws its troops in Afghanistan, the question now is whether the Afghan government – or another international force – can stop a resurgent Taliban from using violence to seize power, says Stanford historian Robert Crews.

After two decades of conflict in Afghanistan, the U.S. is set to withdraw its troops by Aug. 31. But according to Stanford scholar Robert Crews, political challenges remain, including resurgent Taliban forces. “Anxiety is palpable, particularly for Afghans who live in the cities,” he said. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Here, Crews, whose research and teaching focuses on Afghanistan and global history, discusses what America’s end of its two-decades-long war on Aug. 31 means for the future of Afghanistan and its people at a time when the Taliban has expanded its reach across the country.

Crews is the author of Afghan Modern: The History of a Global Nation (Harvard University…

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