Lately, I have been getting some (obvious to me), phishing emails. For example from Chase Bank Services, Amazon, DHL Express, Wells Fargo, etc. I do not have anything at Chase Bank, DHL, Wells Fargo, nor have I done any business with Amazon in a number of months.

The title in all of them proclaim some sort of emergency that my account will be locked soon, or that my account needs verification, etc. Again, this is obvious to me that this is some illegal phishing scheme. Furthermore, when I click on sender details, it is some bogus email (nothing related to who the supposed sender is).

Here’s my question, that I would appreciate your ever-reliable response to: Do I delete the emails immediately (and definitely do not click on any link within the email), or is there some cyber crime agency (federal, state, or local) I should be contacting to report this…

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