(CNN) — It may feel like 2025 is a long way away, but for airlines’ luxurious new business class seats — which can take years to design and install — it’s right around the corner.

So what will business class look like in 2025? What new and exciting innovations are in store for passengers up front?

It all revolves around the Covid-19 pandemic, how airlines respond, how the recovery goes over the next year, and how many airlines want to take the plunge into creating a new seat.

It usually takes around two to three years to create a new business class seat, from the point at which it’s conceived until the first passenger sits on it.

“Generally speaking, a business class seat can be designed from scratch and brought to market in around 24-36 months,” explains Anthony Harcup, senior director at Teague, an industrial design firm that works closely with airlines and airplane manufacturers.

Crucial questions

Business class seats typically…

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