WESTBURY, New York — This past July, WaterAid celebrated 40 years of advocacy and success in providing clean water access to the world’s most vulnerable people in 28 nations. The Borgen Project spoke to Kathryn Tobin, WaterAid America’s global campaigns manager, to learn more about WaterAid’s projects during the global COVID-19 pandemic.


WaterAid is a non-governmental organization that focuses on providing clean and sustainable water and sanitation systems to the developing world. Established in London in 1981, members of the United Kingdom’s water industry founded WaterAid. Championing sustainability and poverty reduction, WaterAid works with local communities in 28 nations to provide sustainable water services and hygiene systems.

Providing clean water access to developing nations impacts the world economy and people’s well-being. Access to clean water prevents fungal and bacterial infections, eliminates…

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