Mehmet Aydın, the founder of Çiftlik Bank (Farm Bank), a Ponzi scheme, turned himself over to police in Brazil’s Sao Paolo on Thursday, media outlets reported. Aydın had released a video one day earlier, promising to surrender to Turkish authorities and had claimed he himself was a “victim.”

An indictment against Aydın and 18 other members of his “organization” accuses the suspects of running a criminal gang, fraud and money laundering for their scheme. A total of 3,762 people are among plaintiffs in an ongoing trial against Aydın and others who face thousands of years in prison terms.

Aydın and his brother, also accused of the same charges, were issued an international arrest warrant upon Turkey’s request to Interpol. They were accused of defrauding thousands of people of millions of Turkish liras. An earlier indictment against Aydın and others had said that the suspects collected more than…

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