What you need to know:

  • Optimism among small businesses: 68% of 600 small and medium businesses surveyed predict their business will be better off in a year versus now. 53% say the overall state of their business is better than it was in August of 2020.

  • Security top concern: 50% cited endpoint vulnerabilities as a business risk. To compensate, 59% plan to require multi-factor logins to access systems within the next year, and 56% are training employees on best cybersecurity practices.

  • Using technology to address labor shortage: 30% of small businesses are now using technology to compensate for a shortage of workers.

  • Work flexibility is as important as health insurance: 74% said work flexibility can be as important as health insurance to attract and retain employees, regardless of physical location.

  • Investment in high-capacity internet: 52% of small businesses report purchasing/upgrading to high-capacity Internet since the onset of the…

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