The UK is now being termed as the bank scam capital of the world with a massive surge in the incidents of online scams. 

In the first six months of 2021, an amount of 1 billion dollars was stolen. The bank scams in the UK have gone up by 30 per cent since last year. 

UK’s super fast payment infrastructure is being blamed for this surge as it makes money transfers less secure. Also, there is weak policing of fraud-related crimes. 

People of the UK are also being seen as easy targets because of their language. The wide use of the English language has made the UK an ideal testbed for such scams. 

The scammers target victims using this language. The targets are found through the internet by buying badges of leaked personal data from the dark net.

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A 2019 exposed the system in the UK as it analysed 400 corruption and money laundering…

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