Markets began the week on a tumultuous note. Worries about

China Evergrande Group,

which has the biggest debt burden of any publicly traded real-estate management or development company in the world, prompted a rush out of relatively risky assets such as stocks and commodities. 

While Evergrande shares retreated again Tuesday, finishing close to a 10-year low, broader markets gained steadier footing. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng fell as much as 1.3% but then rose 0.5% by the end of the trading day. Oil prices climbed, as did shares of energy companies.

To those who felt like markets had been overdue for some kind of pullback following a relatively sanguine summer, Monday’s retreat appeared to have delivered on that front. Now, investors say, the focus shifts to how markets will fare as the pace of the global economic recovery cools and central bankers prepare to wind down some of the support…

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