The Isle of Wight Council’s Trading Standards department is once again warning Islanders about the latest scams doing the rounds locally…

Residents have reported scams from the following:

  • A call from someone claiming to be from TV insurance, stating that their insurance had expired and it needed to be renewed. They claimed the resident owed £180, but they didn’t have any insurance and had recently changed their television. The caller then insisted that they needed to pay and they couldn’t pay in instalments, they went as far as to demand they use a credit card, go overdrawn or borrow money from a friend. Luckily the resident reported this to a trusted contact who confirmed that this was definitely a SCAM.
  • Reports of callers ringing residents to say that they want to check their meters, implying they are from SSE. On checking the number online there are large numbers of complaints about it. If in doubt check with SSE to…

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