“My 80-year-old father is selling and flipping properties like crazy, working with a real estate broker I have very bad feelings about. Do you have some suggestions of what I can do to help minimize the chances of Dad being taken advantage of? Thanks, Jeff.”

Hottest Real Estate Market Since before the Great Recession

I ran Jeff’s question by Walnut Creek, Calif.-based attorney and author Cliff Horner, whose practice concentrates on real estate litigation. As an expert in the obligations that real estate brokers have to their clients, he conducts continuing education seminars for them across the country.

“This is the hottest real estate market since just before the Great Recession,” he says, “and sometimes invites poor behavior by real estate brokers who aren’t looking out for the best interests of their clients.”

He listed several ways Jeff’s father can virtually guarantee winding up with the short end of the stick: …

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