The Ultimate Fighting Championship plans to pay a new bonus to competitors that will go out in crypto, Bloomberg reported Thursday (April 7).

With crypto platforms becoming more ingrained in major sports, the bitcoin payouts will go to the top three fighters on every UFC pay-per-view event, as decided by fan votes. There will be $60,000 split between the winners.

In addition, Bloomberg also wrote Thursday that with hacks and scams being part of the deal with the crypto scene, it might be time for venture capitalist (VC) backers to change their approach.

The report said high-profile attacks on key activities, such as transferring tokens, have stolen over $1 billion to date. With the costs mounting, VCs are thinking about other ways to be more responsible for investments, with some founders saying firms should audit code and security protocols before investing.

Furthermore, the Slovenian government has debuted a flat-rate tax proposal…

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