A TikToker is racking up millions of views on a hilarious video that satirizes the current state of the real estate market, and the video is spot on.

Comedian Shaun Johnson, known on TikTok as @johnsonfiles, shared the video on April 20. Johnson didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The video had nearly 6 million views and 700,000 likes at the time of writing, and other TikTokers in the comments found it super relatable. 

“This is the truest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” One TikToker commented. “Just closed on a house I overpaid for.” 

“Put my house for sale at $650,000, had an offer at $900,000,” wrote another. “I canceled the sale because I know I wouldn’t find another one during these times.”

In the video, Johnson compares an apple to a home for sale. As soon as the apple is on the market, a bidding war begins. People offer dozens of dollars for the measly fruit, followed by hundreds, without even seeing…

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