Terysa Vanderloo and Nick Fabbri.

London couple Terysa Vanderloo and Nick Fabbri left their busy jobs to live out on the water. They saved for five years to start their months-long sailing adventure, which turned into a career. They share how they started making money as influencers to help others potentially do the same. See more stories on Insider’s business page.

Ten years ago Terysa Vanderloo and Nick Fabbri were living together in London and they spent their days at challenging jobs and on sometimes even more challenging commutes. Their lives were perfectly normal and outwardly successful, but both also knew something was missing.

“London is very fast paced. You’re always basically on your way to work or at work,” says Vanderloo. “We really wanted to do something different with our lives, something adventurous. Our London lives didn’t feel very authentic to who we were.”

The couple had met while traveling and Nick was a keen weekend sailor.

Gradually it dawned on them that these two passions could be combined. They began to dream of ditching their jobs in favor of sailing the world.

Five years later, in 2015, they rented out their apartment and boarded their 38-foot sailing boat named the Ruby Rose. Now, more than half a decade later, not only are they still sailing, but they finance their lifestyle with a combination of a successful YouTube channel, contributions from Patreon fans, and sponsorship deals. They are about to trade up to a bigger boat.

Vanderloo and Fabbri were in quarantine in Sydney during a long call with Insider, where they’re waiting to start the next leg of their sailing adventure. The couple explained their Instagram-worthy lifestyle is both more down-to-earth and more doable than most people think and laid out the exact steps they took to escape the London rat race and turn their passion into a self supporting lifestyle.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to sail the world


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