Believe it or not, these are real offers. And sometimes, they actually work.

“You hear about buyers throwing sweeteners into the mix — wine, dinners — to get the house,” said Esty Perez, an agent with Knipe Realty in Portland, Oregon. “Then, along comes a buyer that is like, ‘Hold my beer.’ Let me take this up.”

Perez said one of his clients was in a bidding war on a $530,000 home, and offered $25,000 over the asking price.

The other top offer was only $15,000 over. But that buyer also threw in 10 Ether coins, which — in early May when Ethereum was trading at $3,900 — were worth nearly $40,000.

“We couldn’t beat that,” said Perez. “My client couldn’t offer any crypto to counter that. It was kind of laughable.”

In many hyper-competitive markets where all-cash offers that are well over the asking price are standard fare, buyers have found some jaw-dropping ways to stand out.

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