by Mick Rhodes |

In “Part I – How Much is Too Much?”, the COURIER described how an elderly Claremont couple, the Roberts, came to be mixed up with Rooter Hero, a California and Arizona plumbing company with 10 locations.

We delved into scathing reviews from consumers and former employees detailing allegations of fraud, and into a revealing 37-page California State Contractors License Board document detailing scores of accusations of wrongdoing with respect to the company’s business practices.

Yes, online reviews are to be viewed with a jaundiced eye; it’s common to game the system and attempt to discredit your competitors with fraudulent negative reviews.

So, the COURIER went to the source and talked to two ordinary consumers who came to be entwined with the company. 

One, 34-year-old Glendora resident Jenna Tennyson, had some less than flattering lasting impressions of Rooter…

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