Wildfires, drought, the prospect of Caitlyn Jenner as governor: nothing can stop people from moving to California. “There were definitely some who left,” Kurt Rappaport, the C.E.O. of Westside Estate Agency, said the other day, referring to the pandemic exodus. He wore a black blazer and stood at the bar at Soho House, the site of the first-ever Power Broker Awards, an Oscars for the unsung heroes of Los Angeles real estate.

“But moving to Texas or Florida to save on taxes?” he went on. “Do you want to live in Florida? Miami is cheesy. It’s fun for Art Basel, but have you been to Miami in the summer? Not pretty.”

The awards were hosted by the Hollywood Reporter, which publishes an annual list of the area’s top thirty real-estate agents. Degen Pener, the deputy editor, explained, “We look at sales, social-media followings.”

Pener said that the evening was modelled on an event that the Reporter does for top stylists….

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