A company that makes milk out of oats went public on Thursday and almost immediately shot up more than 30% as investors decided they wanted to digest the stock like a vegan hankering for dairy, and then there was the subtext.

charting-symbol=”STOCK/US/XNAS/OTLY” class=”qt-chip negative” href=”https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/OTLY?mod=MW_story_quote”>OTLY,
traditional IPO offering was a big win for plant-based foods and everyone who has grown tired of SPACs and direct listings, but it also served as a reminder that the volume of traders involved in January’s manic short squeeze on GameStop
AMC Entertainment

and other meme stocks has subsided –despite some recent signs of life. However, the fervor among those retail players still in the markets remains as smoldering as it was in the middle of winter and the no-fee trading apps built to serve them are now competing to gain their business, their trust, and the next generation of…

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