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With so many buyers and so few homes, the real estate scene is thriving along the Main Line. But can this seller’s market last?

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In the midst of a late-winter storm, Derek Donatelli donned his hat and gloves, shoveled his driveway and drove through swirling winds to a home in West Chester that had just come on the market. His client, a determined house hunter, met him there, braving icy roads in hopes of avoiding a blizzard of competitors. “It meant my client had a shot at the house because 20 other people weren’t going to be looking at it in the middle of a snowstorm,” he says.

Fast forward to spring, when “For Sale” signs traditionally pop up on lawns like daffodils. For now, prospective sellers are sitting on the sidelines, reluctant to show their homes until the pandemic subsides. Meanwhile, buyers desperate to move are bidding up prices,…

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