The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the global economy and the development prospects of East Asia and the Pacific countries. Many changes will be durable and all consequences are not yet clear. The East Asia & Pacific Chief Economist Office Research Center in Kuala Lumpur presents a course that will cover conceptual and empirical analysis that is accessible to economics students, economists, researchers, and others with an interest in the field. The objective is to help understand what has happened over the past two years, why, what to expect and what can be done.

This 2 hour course will introduce the conceptual and empiricalanalysis of key economic and policy issues.

Topics covered:

  • Economy wide impact: The macroeconomics of the pandemic and implications formacro policy.
  • Firms and Technology: The microeconomics of firms in crisis, recovery and growth.
  • Households: The microeconomics of labor markets, education, health and…

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