When the Connecticut Port Authority issued a request for proposals in 2018 to find a new operator for State Pier in New London, Steven Farrelly, whose road salt company, DRVN Enterprises, operates from the port, felt some reassurance from what he saw in the paperwork.

One of the goals listed in the RFP was to preserve existing port businesses like his.

The port authority chairman, Farrelly says, assured a representative of his company that they “had his back” in choosing a new port operator, essentially the road salt company’s new landlord.

More than two years later, Farrelly’s life is consumed by what has become the destruction of his company by the actions of the port authority, which by my reckoning put a knife in his back in turning the operation of the port over to his competitor, which shut the piers down.

Farrelly has had to let go some of the 15 full-timers on his payroll drawing salaries and medical benefits. The 50 or…

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