Phone scams are as popular as ever and successful despite efforts to control them. The Covid-19 pandemic was a goldmine for scammers with many people isolated in their homes as a precaution against its spread. Unfortunately, many were left feeling fearful and vulnerable; two emotions that con artist play upon.

Phone scams cost individuals hundreds of dollars and netted scammers $29.8 billion dollars to phone scams in just the past 12 months according to a recent Harris Poll and Truecaller ID survey of 2,024. The survey found that one in six Americans were scammed by phone over the past 12 months with the average loss was $502, up from $351 in 2019.

The same survey found that 3 in 5 Americans reported bogus calls or texts related to COVID-19, a scam that Sierra Wave warned our listeners and readers in several past articles. So much has been said and written on this topic, so the real question might well be: Why haven’t…

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