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Have you ever wanted to control the car’s A/C with your iPhone? You’re in luck… Apple announced plans to add this (and other features) to its CarPlay‌ platform. Sweat no more.

Today’s rundown:

  • Notion: Remote work and a surprising TikTok surge helped push this workplace startup to a $10B valuation.
  • Outdoor dining: It’s helped restaurants stay afloat… but will it last?
  • Digits: Email speeds, airport software, Michael Jordan’s sneakers, and more wild numbers.

Let’s do it.

The Big Idea

Notion notches a $10B valuation, with the help of TikTok

TikTok is known for turning random dances or cranberry juice-drinking skateboarders into viral sensations.

While enterprise software seems less likely to pop, workplace startup Notion has become a favorite on the short video app with 80m+ video views of the hashtag

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