Rite Aid settled with two counties in August for an undisclosed amount.

Pharmacy lawyers also claim that the Drug Enforcement and Ohio have followed and exceeded the established guidelines on how to supply painkillers to stores.

In a statement, CVS said a licensed wholesaler, not a company, distributed painkillers to pharmacies and was “a leader in the fight against prescription opioid abuse.” The company also passed on responsibility for the crisis.

“Since 2013, DEA has refused to share with pharmacies the names of doctors who appear to have problems with opioid prescribing,” the statement said. “Many of these physicians continue to be licensed by the DEA to prescribe opioid medications.”

Illinois-based Walgreens lawyer said Lake County and Tumble County “used a confusing and contradictory legal theory against other defendants before embarking on the idea of ​​suing a retail pharmacy chain.” It…

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