Ten arrested in police operation against Cadiz holiday scam criminal gang.
Source: Guardia Civil

Ten arrested in a joint operation between the Guardia Civil and the Ertzaintza to break up a gang running a holiday scam in Cadiz

More than 300 people, many of them from the Basque Country, have been scammed by an international online plot that offered false accommodation and tourist packages in the province of Cadiz, as reported by the Guardia Civil this Friday 2.

In ‘Operation Cheat-Stay’, run jointly between the Guardia Civil and the Ertzaintza, ten people have been arrested: five in Madrid, two in Guipúzcoa, two in Malaga, and one in Sevilla, with at least another 20 people under investigation in Madrid, Andalucia, and the Basque Country.

Those arrested had made an estimated profit of more than €4 million, money which was then moved via vulnerable people whom they had contacted through adverts, who…

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