Miles Romney, cofounder and chief technology officer at telehealth company eVisit, paints a vivid, sci-fi-seeming picture of what virtual care will look like in the year 2050. 

He starts by describing a hypothetical person’s morning shower.

The shower stall will be outfitted with a high-tech system, says Romney. Aided by an ocular or neurological implant interface, the system takes a full-body CT scan, while myriad instruments gently check various personal health metrics and vitals, cataloging and sending those details to a care team.

The person’s daily data is analyzed in real time by artificial intelligence and validated by providers. A transdermal infuser then delivers a personalized cocktail of exactly what’s needed – vitamins, relaxants, pain relievers, beta blockers, anxiolytics, TNF inhibitors. The shower begins and as hot water hits, one already feels the positive effects.

Romney spoke with Healthcare IT News about what…

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