TAMPA, Fla. — Right now, the housing market is very competitive and it’s a sellers’ market. Local realtors say they’ve never seen the market like it is now, and it’s not uncommon to receive 20-30 offers on one home.

“If you’re a seller right now, the market is absolutely insane. We’ll put a house on the market on a Thursday and we’ll have multiple offers by Sunday,” said Joseph Kipping, a realtor with the Tampa Bay Home Team. 

What You Need To Know

  • Florida’s housing market is great for sellers right now
  • People are wanting to move here from out of state
  • Realtor Joseph Kipping said most homes are selling for more than the appraised value
  • If you plan to buy or sell, Kipping said some contingencies can be put into contracts to help

Kipping said homes are selling for more than the appraised value and buyers are using cash. The problem, though, is if you sell your home now to cash in, where will you go?

Realtors say most of…

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