Bruno Maçães writes POLITICO’s Geopolitical Union column.

“Do we need a new adversary?” With those words, Armin Laschet summed up the European response to Joe Biden’s efforts to convince Europeans to get tougher on China.

As the politician best placed to become the next German chancellor, Laschet’s open rebuke of the U.S. president was the latest example in a series of polite disagreements between the two pillars of the transatlantic alliance over how to deal with the rising Asian superpower.

What’s usually overlooked, however, especially in Washington, is that the Europeans aren’t reluctant to get on board with Biden’s efforts because they don’t want to confront China. They’re cold on the idea because they have a plan of their own — and so far, it’s working.

The plan was first devised a little over two years ago, at a time when Trump’s America had turned its back on its European…

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