Wessel entered his phone number during his research and got a message from a “fellow crypto novice” on Whatsapp, who convinced him to give the site Earning Field a shot and invest a small amount to gain confidence in trading.

He bought cryptocurrency from a legitimate dealer and then transferred the crypto from the dealer’s wallet to Earning Field, in the process of doing so he severed links with any traceable money transfer.

Earning Field claims to be the best investment plan of 2018, with plans users invest into that vary in percentage earnings based on how much you invest, with the most expensive earning claiming to give a 30 percent return.

Wessel first invested US$100. He received a 15 percent return after 24 hours and was able to withdraw the full amount of money. 

However, things took a turn when the Whatsapp user convinced him to invest in the more expensive plans.

When Wessel tried to withdraw his money from the plan…

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