Carl Harris, who has spent 36 years building homes, said he’s looking at two-month delays on refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers. Delivery times that are normally two to three weeks are now as much as half a year in many parts of the country, he said.

The lag means Harris can’t install the appliances package to market the two-bedroom, empty-nester home in Newton, just outside Wichita, Kan., even though the rest of the house is ready. He said other builders in the area are also having trouble getting plumbing fixtures, which have to be in place before a certificate of occupancy is issued.

“A lot of steel goes into appliances, so we’ve seen a huge backlog in getting some of the appliances so we can close these houses,” Harris, who is a managing partner at Harris Homes in Wichita, said in a phone call. “We’re seeing significant shortages.”

It’s also getting more expensive to drill in the shale patch as rising prices for steel, cement…

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