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In 1995, SRI International created a spin-off company, Intuitive Surgical, that licenses SRI technology.

Futuristic robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are advancing at a breakneck pace, and some exciting innovations are on the horizon. For those of us working in the industry, the future of robotics isn’t as much the “future” as it is our present. 2022 brings continued advancements in our industry.

SRI International, a nonprofit research institute, has led the discovery and design of innovative robotic technologies for 75 years. From “Shakey the Robot,” one of the first robots to be integrated with AI, to the da Vinci system, a surgical robot that performs minimally-invasive surgery licensed by Intuitive Surgical, to Motobot, the world’s first motorcycle racing robot, developed in coordination with Yamaha, SRI is making…

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