HELENA — Drawing two new, compact congressional districts for Montana in 2022 with equal populations is a piece of cake – but, when their political leaning is a consideration, things get prickly.

Joe Lamson, one of two Democratic members of the five-member commission that will decide the boundary by November, says a goal should be to create one “competitive” district – where a Democratic and Republican candidate each have a legitimate chance to win.

“When we held public hearings, we heard loud and strong from Montanans that when it came to congressional districts, they would like one of those districts to be competitive,” he told MTN News last week.

Mike Dennison-MTN News

Joe Lamson, Democratic member of the DAC.

Yet Dan Stusek, one of two GOP members of the Districting and Apportionment Commission, says the politics of the districts should not be a priority.

“That is…

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