“Are we willing to fight for our freedom and liberty. We must answer this question,” Biedermann added in the January 11 email, which watchdog group American Oversight shared with CNN. “Patriots we must rise.”

Biedermann, who hasn’t been charged with wrongdoing, told CNN he did not enter the Capitol. According to local news reports, he initially told a talk radio host that he had attended the Trump rally in Washington on January 6.

“We came because we wanted to be heard and we’re sick and tired of what’s been going on by the elite media and the elite politicians who continue to ignore us,” Biedermann reportedly said in the radio interview.
He also told a Texas newspaper that “it was unfortunate that some used this gathering to sow discord and promote violence.”

Since the videos emerged of Biedermann steps from the Capitol, he has declined to say much more about his activities in Washington.

“I’ve already said everything I have to say…

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