A new survey conducted by CNBC and Momentive suggests that small businesses across the U.S. must be at little risk of being victims of a hack, or they are supremely overconfident about their place in the growing, national cybersecurity threat.

For Main Street customers, not knowing the answer to that question may be unsettling.

The CNBC | Momentive Q3 Small Business Survey includes what seem to be a series of contradictory findings.

Among America’s small business owners, a net 56% said they are not concerned about being the victim of a hack in the next 12 months, and among those, 24% said they were “not concerned at all.”

Among the 42% who are net concerned, only 13% described themselves as being “very concerned.”

Small business owners also are majority confident (59%) they can quickly resolve any cyberattack. Only 37% were net not confident and only 11% “not confident at all.”

And yet, only 28% of small businesses said in the event of a…

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