The demand for Skaneateles property is so high, real estate agents are offering to buy homes that are not even for sale.

Even in the middle of a coronavirus-induced economic crisis, people from New York City and Los Angeles are chartering Ben Eberhardt’s boat to shop for multimillion-dollar mansions.

Last summer, he took a group by the former site of Stella Maris retreat center, where the mansion was torn down and the parcel split in two for sale.

“One of them called from the boat and made an offer for $5 million,” Eberhardt said. “Right here on the boat.”

Skaneateles Lake property has always been a hot commodity, but now it’s on fire.

The average home purchase price in the town has increased by 28% over the past year, from $497,100 to $638,000.

The average listing price has increased by 66%, to $2.2 million in the ZIP code that includes Skaneateles, according to records from

Three of the 10 priciest residential…

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