After what she describes as a “unique” Olympic experience and a grueling extra year of training due to the pandemic, Simone Biles remains uncertain about what’s next for her competitive gymnastics career and a potential bid for the 2024 Paris Games.

But she’s more than OK with that.

Instead, she’s been enjoying her long-awaited free time with her family and friends, preparing for the upcoming “Gold Over America” tour and working on a slew of ventures with her sponsors, including her own collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with Autograph that launch on Monday.

“[I’ve been] relaxing, resetting, working on these new projects,” Biles said. “Been in the gym a little bit here and there to train, but not too much. Just taking time off, enjoying life.”

Any training, at this point, has been casual.

“[I’m] still very much undecided [about returning to full-time training],” Biles said. “The most training that I’m…

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