It is difficult to grasp that the year is already so far along. Plans are being made for winter getaways and where Christmas will be spent. But just as you are making holiday and shopping plans, so too are scammers.

With the end-of-year shopping spree reaching billions of dollars, criminals will look for their piece of the financial pie. Every year a variety of online scams are deployed to part you with your money and personal information. Tap or click here to see last year’s top holiday scams to watch for.

But some thieves are trying to get first dibs on this season, as holiday-themed scams have already been making the rounds. Here is what to look out for so that you don’t fall victim.

Here’s the backstory

As our preference shifts from physical stores to online marketplaces, the risk of being caught up in a scam has increased. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says that online purchases have been in the top three riskiest…

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